Уважаемые участники конгресса! Уважаемые авторы!

Опубликован первый номер сборника абстрактов в базе Science Direct. Сборник Вы можете скачать по следующей ссылке: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/annals-of-anatomy-anatomischer-anzeiger/vol/230/suppl/S

Напоминаем, что в свободном доступе сборник будет находиться с 16 июня по 16 сентября 2020 года. Второе открытие свободного доступа планируется в дни проведения конгресса в 2021 году.

Номер DOI присвоен сборнику в целом.

Напоминаем, что продолжается прием абстрактов во вторую часть сборника.


Уважаемые авторы!

Для дальнейшего цитирования абстрактов необходимо использовать номер, присвоенный данному сборнику абстрактов: 151532

Т.е. это один номер на все абстракты.

Внимание! Как правильно цитировать:

Авторы./Название [Abstract]. Ann Anat 2020; 230 (Suppl): 151532.

Dear participants of the Congress! Dear authors!

The first issue of the collection of abstracts in the Science Direct database has been published. You can download the collection from the following link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/annals-of-anatomy-anatomischer-anzeiger/vol/230/suppl/S

We remind you that the collection will be freely available from June 16 to September 16, 2020. The second opening of free access is planned during the Congress in 2021.

The DOI number is assigned to the collection as a whole.

We remind you that abstracts are still being accepted for the second part of the collection. 


Dear authors!

This journal uses article numbers, not page numbers, for citations.

One citation format authors could use for the abstracts would be for instance:
Authors./Title [Abstract]. Ann Anat 2020; 230 (Suppl): 151532.

Dear young scientists!

An Arrangements Committee of the International Symposium on Morphological Sciences is pleased to inform you of the new date of the Congress in May 27-31, 2021 will be held in Aktobe, which was previously postponed due to the pandemic to 2021.

We will continue our organizational work in 12 areas, as well as planned round tables, master classes and various meetings.

Due to the current situation, it was decided to divide the collection of abstracts into two parts. Part one will be released on June 4-7, 2020 in electronic format, and will be placed on the web site for free downloading. For the second part of the collection, we will resume accepting abstracts and publish it during the Congress in 2021.

By the end of the Congress, a post-Congress tour will be organized to the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty, which you should sign up for in advance

We are sure that the May days of our city will welcome you warmly and cordially and once again, after a long quarantine, we will incorporate in a large scientific family!

The President of ISMS 2021 Gulmira Zhurabekov


  Dear Colleagues and young scientists, 


We warmly welcome you and invite you to participate in the XXVII International Symposium of Morphological Sciences, which will be held on May 27-31, 2021y in the center of Western Kazakhstan – in Aktobe.

ISMS 2021 – this is a new format which is filled with the courage and ideas of young researchers! For the first time at our Congress, a section of young scientists will be organized, which will serve as a support and incentive for young researchers in a big science.   

ISMS 2021 – this is the great opportunity to expand your scientific ties and partnerships not only in the field of morphology, but also in all modern scientific areas,  where effectiveness is directly depends on the morphological base of the study.

ISMS 2021 – this is the first Congress in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which will serve as the scientific relationship with scientists from Europe, America and Asia.

It is no coincidence that ISMS 2021 chose Aktobe!

"The city on a White Hill", Aktobe, in the first time was founded as the fortress Ak-Tyube between the rivers Ilek and Khobda in 1869. Now about 500 thousand people live in the site of small settlement, and Aktobe region is one of the prosperous regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has a huge economic, cultural and tourist potential. The advantage of the region is that it has a favorable geographical position, being between Europe and Asia. Caravans of the great silk road passed through this land, connecting cities and countries. The modern map of the region is crossed along and across highways, the largest of which is the global transport corridor "Western Europe – Western China".

Modern Aktobe is a metropolis with its sights, sculptures and monuments reflecting the history of Western Kazakhstan. Interesting, rich leisure awaits everyone who will visit our amazing, hospitable land.

The Team that meets You – is The West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University.

We are the professionals in the medical education of Kazakhstan!

We are innovators in medical research of our country!

We care about the health of the people!

Welcome to Aktobe, Welcome to the XXVII ISMS!


Honorary President, Professor.  Dr Ye.Bekmukhambetov

President of the symposium,
Gulmira Zhurabekova