Requirements for poster presentations:
  • The poster session will be held online according to the program
  • Time of demonstration and presentation of the poster is indicated in the program
  • Participants are required to send their work to the organizing committee by May 25, 2021 and connect to the participants' Telegram channel (links have been sent by mail. And also indicated in the Preliminary program)
  • During the demonstration of the participant's poster, it is necessary to present the work online
  • Each participant has 7 minutes to present a poster
  • The moderator adjusts the time of questions-answers and discussion of posters


General requirements for posters:
  1. The poster must be made in the form of one slide in JPG format in color version
  2. In the slide it is necessary to observe the following sequence
  • Relevance of scientific research
  • Purpose of work
  • Material and research methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  1. It is desirable to reflect the results in the form of tables, diagrams or figures;
  2. The slide must be clearly visible with delicately presented information
  3. In the upper right corner, you must put the logo and affiliation of the represented educational institution




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