Almaty is a "garden city" located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the South-East of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Located at the foot of the snow-capped mountains of the Zaili Alatau, in the valley of the Bolshaya and Malaya Almatinka rivers, the city attracts tourists with its extraordinary beauty of landscapes, mild climate, pristine nature and historical heritage. The picturesque nature of this region: a variety of flora and fauna, amazing mountains, blooming orchards, drowning in sweet-smelling herbs, red and bluish poppies, snowdrops, dark red peonies. Wildlife reserves that are the habitats of many rare birds and animals listed in the red Book of Kazakhstan have been created on its territory. Having visited Almaty, you will not only plunge into the rich cultural life of the city, but also get acquainted with important historical monuments and scientific centers of the southern capital.

Big Almaty Lake is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Almaty. Incredibly, the water in the reservoir constantly changes its color from turquoise-blue to emerald. Against the background of snow-white mountain peaks and centuries-old majestic pines, accompanied by ringing natural silence and the brilliance of sunlight on the water surface, an unforgettable impression is created, which is definitely worth experiencing in life. Just 15 km from the city of Almaty, you will find yourself in this stunning landscape of fabulous beauty and enjoy the enchanting panorama of the mountains. The road to the lake is very picturesque and beautiful. It passes by slender firs and mixed forests, charming in summer with the freshness of greenery, and in autumn with its bright colors! The ribbon of serpentine dives under the trees, then winds along the steep slope above the gorge. Along the way, tourists will be provided with General information about the Zaili Alatau, the Bolshaya Almatinka river and the gorge itself. You will see the harsh beauty of the mountains, get acquainted with the animal and plant world, learn the history of the discovery and development of this region, its present and future. You can also visit the space communication station «Orbita», and the unique mudflow dam that protects the Western part of the city from catastrophic mud flows, and the cascade of hydroelectric power stations.

Charyn Canyon is a natural complex composed of sedimentary rocks that are about 12 million years old. The most interesting place for tourists is the amazing "Valley of castles". Here the ground seemed to unfold forming a deep crack. You can admire it both from above, on the plateau, and from below, going down to the bottom of the gorge near the Charyn river and resting in the shade of trees-relic ash, and you will feel completely different. In the bright light of the moon and stars, the familiar landscape changes beyond recognition. Towers, pillars, walls, silhouettes-everything becomes somehow unearthly, even more amazing and beautiful. The color of the canyon also changes from clay-yellow to dark red, "Martian". Shadows become dark and impenetrable to the eyes. An amazing walk through the night canyon and a picnic under the open sky, decorated with myriad stars and the moon, softly illuminating the landscape, will leave an unforgettable impression and delight from a unique tour.

 Medeo, the world's largest and highest-altitude ice rink, a state monument of urban planning and architecture of National significance. This fabulous Palace is located in the valley of the Malaya Almatinka river and is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges at an altitude of 1961 meters above sea level. To admire the beauty of the high-altitude skating rink from a high point, you will be lifted by the famous climbing ladder - Mokhnatka. Along the way, you will enjoy a magical landscape of multiple bridges and rivers, coniferous trees and majestic mountains, where your journey will be continued in a cozy and comfortable cableway. You will see the year-round snow-capped peaks of the Zaili Alatau mountains piercing the sky, on the slope of which, slender and tall pines, wrapped in recently fallen snow grow resembling a thick carpet. The cab slowly stops at the end station and with the first breath you will feel the freezing fresh air.

The ski resort Shymbulak is another pearl of Almaty, located in the picturesque gorge of the Zaili Alatau at an altitude of 2260 m above sea level. A beautiful view of the mountains, a variety of routes for trained skiers, half-pipe for snowboarders, extreme turns for pros make it "Small Switzerland". The downhill and giant slalom trails are rightfully among the top ten most difficult trails in the world. During the tour, you can visit the huge dam that protects the city from floods and mudflows that descend from the peaks of the Western Tien Shan mountains. At the end of the tour, you will find a short cable car ride to the city, as well as a funicular ride.

Ethnographic village of Huns - a recreation center in the" Novokamenny gorge " 35 km away. from Almaty. This is the first ethno-aul in Kazakhstan, showing the traditions and culture of the Kazakh people. This is a trip to the past, where our nomad ancestors lived. Here you can immerse yourself in the life of nomads, learn more about the customs of the Kazakh people and try delicious dishes of national cuisine. The main entertainment on the base is a costume show featuring traditional games and customs. The standard program begins with meeting guests — "shashu".

Turgen gorge is a picturesque resort place near Almaty. Turgen gorge is famous far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan for its numerous subalpine and Alpine pastures. Here, Apport , blood-red apple of high-quality, pears Forest beauty, apricot, several varieties of cherries and plums ripen under bright sky with clear air, and a moderate climate. In the Garden there are also thickets of wild apple Sivers, some sorts of which are distinguished by large and delicious fruits. These wild apple trees are the most valuable gene pool for breeding new varieties of local apple trees. Above the forest there is a trout farm, where you can catch fish for lunch and cook it yourself. Above the trout farm, the floodplain of the Turgen river widens, and a beautiful landscape opens up: a green meadow in a wide floodplain with single weeping willows. Clean and cold water from the Turgen river enters the pools where fish are grown. The beauty of these places and paved roads make it easy to relax.