Kazakhstan can be divided into five regions. The center of the West Kazakhstan region is the city of Aktobe. The city was built as a fortress in the second half of the nineteenth century. This is the land of the great Kazakh batyrs, public figures and scientists. In addition to the fact that the city is one of the most important cities for the Republic, many kazakhsknow Aktobe as the “football capital” of Kazakhstan. The city has two major universities, and many youth organizations. Aktobeisconstantlyevolving, becomingbettereveryday.







Kazakhstan is a country located in the very center of Eurasia. It is difficult not to notice it on the map: Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world in size, and the border with the Russian Federation is the longest border between states in the world! There is no access to the ocean, and only two time zones, but the temperature drops are 100 degrees. In a completely boundless Kazakh steppe, a horse was domesticated for the first time, and it was Kazakhstan’s tulips that were brought to Turkey, and from there to Holland. This is a unique region, which is an incredible cultural mix in which the lifestyle, mentality and religion of different nationalities are mixed, as well as the unique character of the local population. Modern Kazakhstan is a place where East and West converge, where high-tech metropolitan areas and ancient traditions merge into one, where the past and the future go hand in hand!









West Kazakhstan Medical University is one of the first and largest medical universities in the country. This is an alma mater for many prominent specialists from across the country, uniting around itself the largest clinical bases in the West Kazakhstan region. Over the years of its existence, the university has trained more than 25 thousand young specialists in the field of higher and postgraduate medical education. The university has one of the largest number of student associations. ZKGMU cooperates in the field of medicine.