Sherif Karam's 


Prof. Karam is a member of the department of Anatomy, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University. Dr Karam obtained his Medical Degree in 1981 (Alexandria University, Egypt) and Master degree (Histology/Pathology) in 1986. Dr Karam moved to Canada and received his PhD in Stem Cell Biology from the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, McGill University, Montreal. Dr Karam’s post-doctoral training was in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA. In 1993. Dr Karam moved to the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University as an Assistant Professor and eventually promoted to Associate Professor. In 2001, he joined the UAE University and since 2006, has become a full Professor. Dr Karam’s early research led to the discovery of stem cells and their immediate descendants in the stomach. His current research focuses on the role of stem cells in tissue engineering and carcinogenesis. Dr Karam mentored research projects of several medical, MSc, and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Dr Karam published more than 65 papers, review articles and book chapters. He is a member of several editorial and reviewing boards. He contributed to the organization of national and international conferences and was invited to give talks in many international scientific meetings. Dr Karam received several honors and awards including the Shoman Award for Arab Researchers.


Adriano Aguzzi


Prof. Dr. Adriano Aguzzi, MD, PhD hc, DVM hc, FRCP, FRCPath


Yun-Qing LI


Dr. Yun-Qing LI is working as a professor at the Department of Anatomy and the director of the KK Leung Brain Centre at The Fourth Military Medical University (FMMU) at Xi’an, China. Dr. Li graduated from the FMMU and got his bachelor's degree in clinical medical science and Ph.D. in neuroanatomy in 1984 and 1990, respectively. In 1993, Dr. Li got his second Ph.D. in neuroanatomy in Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan. In 1994 and 1996, he was appointed to be the associated professor and full professor of the FMMU, respectively. He was the President of Chinese Society of Anatomical Sciences (CSAS) for two terms of eight years. Now, he is the vise-President of both CSAS and the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) and the executive member of the International Committee of Symposia of Morphological Sciences (ICSMS), Asia-pacific International Committee of Anatomy (APICA) and council of Chinese Society for Neuroscience (CSN). Dr. Li is the chief-editor of Chinese Journal of Neuroanatomy and also saves as associate editors or editors for several international and domestic anatomical and neuroscience journals. His research works are focusing on the neural mechanisms underlying both somatic and visceral pain and analgesia, especially on the central endogenous pain control system, mechanisms underlying transmission and regulation on peripheral noxious information and oro-facial movement, as well as visceral noxious information transmission pathway. He has published over 200 papers and review articles in international professional journals. Dr. Li was invited to have plenary lectures in many academic conferences and slao received several honors and awards, including Anatomist Excellence Award issued by ICSMS in 2017.


Ibrahim A. Abdelazim

Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endoscopic Surgery and Reproductive Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt and Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait. Visiting Professor West Kazakhastan Medical University, Aktobe, Kazakhastan.  Certified Publons Academy Reviewer and top 1% Peer Review Publons Award 2018. International Researcher: One hundred and thirty-three (133) published scientific research and records (68 International Journals and 65 national Journals) and cited through following links

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Masahiro Nakashima

Head of Department of Tumor and Diagnostic Pathology, Head of Tissue and Histopathology Section, Division of Data Registry, Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan